3 Moments when Store Signage Failed


It’s unavoidable. Some store signs simply fail. Human error is all around us, and there is nothing that can escape it at some time. Store signs often times make the funniest fail stories for those of us simply passing by.

A sale sign often makes us all jump for joy. Does a price of $179.99 sound like a sale? Maybe if the item is usually $300 or $400. For a regular price of $169.99? That is not a sale price at all! Did the price raise or did the employees simply not realize what they did when they printed out the sale sign?

Food may be the one thing everyone has to enjoy on a daily basis. From rolls to turkey to burnt pancakes, there’s always something to eat around the home or something new to pick up from the store. Would you like a pain bagel? The sign was most likely supposed to say “plain bagel”, but someone left the “l” out of “plain”. Hey, for $0.85, you can give someone some pain… *insert drum roll*.

We all know that one place that is closed on Sundays, and that there are only seven days in a week. What happens when a store says they’re open eight days a week and closed on Sundays? Are they from Mars? This is one store sign fail that is going into the photo books of all of our phones. They must have meant they are open six days a week and closed on Sundays.

Who wants to go to the Nasty Buffet? Oops…I meant the Dynasty Buffet. Yup, this poor restaurant had two letters out when this picture was taken. If you got close enough, you could tell it was the Dynasty Buffet, but the Nasty Buffet…there is no getting around that by now. Hopefully the food isn’t as bad as the sign leads us to believe that night.

On the topic of food, who wants some lemons? Who wants some orange juice made from…lemons? Yup, the next fail sign here is a sign that claims lemons are “perfect for orange juice”. Whether or not they are indeed a product of the USA is up to you, but it sounds pretty legitimate. At least they actually showed lemons on the sign, so it wasn’t as bad a fail as it could have been.

Now…who wants some mice? They’ve got a 10 pound bag for $1.00 at McDonald’s. Oops, they must mean they have a 10 pound bag of ice for $10. The logo makes it look like it says “mice”. This is one of the worst fails of McDonald’s for a long time. Luckily the different colors make it a little easier to separate the logo from the word “ice”. Let’s hope they fixed this error ASAP.

Okay, topic change time. We have all had those little error messages where something could open, right? Ever had it when that computer was hooked up to an electronic marquee? What makes this even worse is that they are using an Apple brand computer (the Apple logo in the corner of the screen makes that a dead giveaway).

Sign fails are hilarious, whether they are at stores or not.