4 Custom Design Ideas That Changes a House Into a Home


Your house might seem like it’s a home because the family lives there and spends time together. That’s not what always makes a house a home as it’s the furnishings, decorations and love that is put into the house that can make it a comforting home for all of those who live there. There are a few ways that you can design the house so that it is transformed into an inviting home.


Carpet is often a way to add warmth to the look of the home. A natural carpet is often best as it can blend with the other decorations and furnishings in the home. A dark carpet, such as brown, can also create a comfortable feeling. Try to avoid bright colors as they tend to stimulate the senses. A rug that has been passed down through the generations is ideal to give a comforting feeling to any room.

Lighting The Way

A natural light can add warmth to the home. Ideal places for natural light to shine are the living room and kitchen. The sun shining through the windows can make the rooms seem larger. If you want to use artificial lights, then consider something that’s bright as it can make a room feel cozy instead of being enclosed. Lamps on tables are a good way to provide a warm feeling as well.

Bookcases And Shelves

If you are looking for a way to add a custom design to the home, then consider adding a bookcase that contains rows of books along with picture frames. This simple design can make the home feel like it’s lived in instead of being just a place where people sit and watch television, sleep or eat. As children grow older, the pictures on the shelves can be changed. Shelves can be placed in the kitchen to hold China plates and bowls or in bedrooms to hold special treasures.


The ottoman is a piece of furniture that can complete a home. You can prop your feet after getting home from work so that you can enjoy a movie or favorite television show. It can be a way for children to sit closer to parents or for couples to spend time with each other as one sits on the ottoman and one on the chair. Although it’s a small piece of furniture, the ottoman can add a comfort that other pieces might not be able to accomplish.