4 Innovative Ways to Mix up your Accessories


Even without adding anything new to your wardrobe, there are innovative ways to keep your look fresh and your outfits on point. You really don’t need an unlimited budget when you’ve got a bit of guidance and creativity. The fashion world is chock full of ideas about accessories, but mixing up the ones you’ve got isn’t always easy. Think about these four tips to spruce up your style.

Go geometric

We all have color-block sweaters and shirts, vertical and horizontal stripes on pants and tops… in other words, we all have clothes that could spawn interesting geometric themes. Combine chunky jewelry with thin lines and stripes or detailed geometric prints. Pursuing a geometric theme will give your look a cool cohesion, and balancing out the level of detail on busy geometric prints with simple, appropriately-shaped accessories will keep the eye of the beholder from being overwhelmed.

Mix up textures

Even if your wardrobe doesn’t have a variety of colors, remember that textures also add enormous visual interest to any outfit. If you want to stay monochromatic, make sure to mix up textures in the outfit. In this game, scarves are a huge asset. Consider a linen scarf with a leather jacket, silk or satin with wool coats and sweaters. If you have scarves or other accessories with tassels, baubles, lace, or intricate metallic bits, fire away!

Pick themes

Your accessories can be mixed and matched with your wardrobe to follow themes. Examples of common style themes include military style, punk, ancient egyptian (think lots of gold on top of whites, linen, and turquoise) and hunter/tartan, but you can easily define other themes for yourself. The theme you pick will determine the accessories that might fit. For instance, the military theme might involve sleek lines, canvas, and silver or gunmetal jewelry, while a punkier style might involve spiky bracelets, black jean jackets, leather, and items that look a tiny bit grungy or worn. Think about the accessories you have and what looks they might fit into; you may find that some items are really versatile.

Keep an eye on Street Styles

Street style photos show people who know fashion and who aren’t afraid of taking risks. For ongoing inspiration, keep an eye on street style photos from various fashion weeks, like this gallery from the New York Times. Pick out looks that you think you could emulate based on the accessories you have on hand. Don’t forget that shoes are accessories too! The right shoes can add shape, color, contrast, or consistency to any outfit. As you can see, street style can sometimes look a little awkward. The point is, don’t be afraid of taking risks with your accessories! Fuzzy, puffy accessories might seem a little excessive, but if you want to stand out, don’t hesitate to take the plunge. Weird accessories neglected at the back of your closet might be just the ones you need to boost your look to the next level.