4 Must-Have Fitness Apps

fitness apps

Advanced technology and innovation have seen the integration of fitness activities with amazing, top-notch applications making exercising more fun and lively. The four incredible apps to have include:

1. Daily workouts.

Daily workouts is one of the best fitness apps you can come across. It is your personal trainer whether in your sitting room or in the park. The app has many features to choose. It has 90+ exercises targeting every part of your body including abs, arms, butt, leg, cardio. The activities can vary from 5-10 minutes for targeted workouts and 10-30 minutes for randomized full body workouts. The exercises shown through videos have on-screen instructions from certified trainers. The unique feature about this app is that no internet connection is required. Therefore, do not get bored while you can train yourself with this personal trainer app.

2. Fitocracy.

Fitocracy makes fitness fun and exciting. The astounding feature is its fitness social network. Making fitness buddies is very easy. Just by participating in the social network, motivation levels can improve exponentially. There is no need to get bored and lazy. Get exercising ideas, motivate others on the fitness social media and crash laziness. The app has a workout tracker that tracks every day progress and awards you points and badges after accomplishing exercise milestones. It offers quests and on completion bonus points are awarded.

3. Workout Trainer.

Workout Trainer can keep you in your best shape and high spirits. It contains exercises that have audio instructions, instructional photos and videos by certified coaches. Every exercise gets explained in detail. The app specializes in bodyweight only, hence, no need for expensive equipment. It is great for those who enjoy yoga, high-intensity workouts, rep-based workouts, CrossFit WOD and Scientific 7-Minute Workout. You can create and edit custom workouts on your smartphone that you like most. To get motivated with new ideas, you can share workouts through Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, the app has a vibrant and active community of exercisers to keep you consistent with your workout routines.

4. Runtastic Running GPS Tracker.

Want to level up your fitness? Choose Runtastic Running GPS Tracker. Runtastic is a fantastic app for running and fitness. The app tracks and maps out workout activities such as walking, running, jogging using GPS. To help you build the best fitness goals, it records cardio progression such as calories burned, heart rate, pace, distance, duration and more. It packs the punch by allowing one to view the workout in 3D using Runtastic Earth view even in remote areas.

Brush up your workouts by downloading these amazing apps. Not only will they improve your health, but also unleash new psyche and workout enthusiasm.