4 Signs That Its Time for Replacement Windows


You love your house and take great care with the upkeep, but there are several major signs that indicate that it is time to replace the windows of this residence. Some of these may include:

Cracked Glass and Broken Frames

If there are several breaks in the windows, it may be best to replace all of the windows of your home. If the frames are chipping, broken, or soft with age, this is another indicator that new windows are badly needed. If funds do not allow for this, consider just replacing the front-facing ones or only the ones on the first floor, and replace the others as your budget allows.

Foggy Windows

If your windows have double or triple panes and condensation begins to appear between the panes, it is time to replace them. If you have single pane windows, replacing them with the double or triple pane windows will help reduce noise and your energy bill. According to Consumer Reports, the space between the panes is filled with air or gas and provides extra insulation against heat and cold.

Faulty Operations

You may have great difficulty opening and closing your windows. They may get stuck often, and you may not be able to budge them. It is at this time, you should consider new windows that will allow you to easily operate the opening and closing features.


It may feel very drafty when you are sitting or standing in front of your windows. There may even be water leakage when it rains or when ice and snow melt. In either case, it is wise to purchase new windows, as it will make your home much more comfortable and decrease your electric or gas bill dramatically.


You’ve changed the exterior of your home and the windows do not match the design. If you have re-painted your home, added a new roof or addition, or replaced the siding without changing the windows, they could look out of place and old. Even attractive and colorful landscaping in front of your windows could the glass look dull and lackluster.

New Style of Windows

Or it could be that there is a better style that would enhance your home to a greater degree or that are easier for you to clean and operate. According to the online Kiplinger magazine, some of these could include double-hung or tilt-out windows or windows with mullions.

After you have decided on the style and type of new windows for your residence, you will feel great peace of mind. Your home will look great and the value of the property will increase dramatically. The sparkling panes will make your home shine and you will feel great pride in the dramatic difference they make.