5 Times Highly Creative Marketing Worked


Marketing is one of the most important things any business owner can do to increase their sales and to attract new customers. With so many companies offering their products and services, however, it can be difficult to stand out of the crowd. This is where creative marketing comes in. Creative marketing can be daunting, but over the years many companies have had tremendous success by thinking out of the box. We have 5 great examples of creative marketing that truly paid off.

Taco Bell and the Liberty Bell

In 1996, Taco Bell announced that it would be buying the Liberty Bell and would change its name to the Taco Liberty Bell. People took to the phones with complaints and questions and media outlets ran with the story for hours until Taco Bell revealed that it was a prank. This should have been obvious, since it was done on April 1st. The next few weeks saw a boost in Taco Bell’s sales, proving that having a good sense of humor and taking a risk can pay off.

GoldenPalace.com and the Virgin Mary Sandwich

Since casinos are prevented from advertising in mainstream media like television, newspapers, and magazines. This is why they have to resort to all manner of tricks to get people to know about their services. GoldenPalace.com, an online casino, found a great way of doing this in 2004, when they bought a grilled cheese sandwich that had the impression of the Virgin Mary burned on the top for $28,000. They sold it at auction and got a lot of media attention for it. They later went on to host a World Grilled Cheese Eating competition.

D.C. Comics and The Death of Superman

In 1993, D.C. Comics announced an upcoming comic called The Death of Superman. Probably no one really believed they would kill off Superman, but the media was intrigued enough by this stunt to give it lots of coverage. The comic book sold out on the very first day. Each time they printed more copies, they sold out, making it one of the most successful comic books in the history of comic books. Of course, Superman returned two issues later.

Del Monte Foods and Big Cat Brother

Del Monte Foods came up with an ingenious idea in 2006. They set up cameras in ten different cat shelters for people to see cats and their interactions with people and each other. This became a reality TV show on Animal Planet, reminiscent of Big Brother. Each week a cat is voted “off”, or in this case, adopted. The adopted cat receives a year of free food. This marketing idea has earned Del Monte Foods a big following.

Half.com and Halfway, Oregon

In 1999, Half.com, a site that sells all manner of discounted items, paid the city of Halfway, Oregon $100,000 to change its name to Half.com for a year. The city also received 20 new computers for their schools and many other financial help. This helped the company get well known, and boosted its sales.

All of these creative marketing ideas were highly successful. It shows that taking a risk can many times pay off even better than you imagined. The right creative idea can make all the difference in a company.