Car Detailing: 3 Components of An Auto Detail


Many people have heard about car detailing but don’t know how it works or why it’s beneficial. There are a few main components of detailing, and when performed correctly, it can restore and protect the investment you have in your vehicle.

Effective detailing can give your vehicle an entirely new appearance. It can also protect your vehicle’s paint from rust. Another benefit of auto detailing is that it can lower repair costs.

Depending on the specific services you purchase, auto detailing might even make your vehicle safer to drive. Most vehicle owners would agree that it’s difficult to beat the fresh, clean feeling that professional detailing services provide.

Enhancing Your Vehicle

At its core, auto detailing consists of an extremely thorough cleaning. Some would call it an enhancement process for your vehicle. When your vehicle is professional detailed, it will receive incredibly thorough waxing, polishing and cleaning.

The detailing process enhances both the interior and exterior of a vehicle. If performed correctly, professional detailing should make your vehicle look nearly brand new. In most cases, professional car detailing is purchased to prepare a vehicle for an auto show.

However, a lot of people like to practice detailing at home and during leisure time. While there is no doubt that detailing enhances the appearance of a car, it also has the effect of preserving the existing beauty of the car.

If you own a vehicle that is both beautiful and valuable, it should be worth a good chunk of money. Since auto detailing preserves the appearance of a car, it has the effect of increasing the car’s resale value.

Exterior and Interior Detailing

The process of interior auto detailing consists of cleaning the interior thoroughly. During the process, the car’s compartments and seats are cleaned well.

A powerful vacuum cleaner is a basic piece of equipment used for detailing. However, professionals might also use special brushes, liquid cleaners and steam cleaning. Exterior detailing might consist of cleaning a car’s tires, wheels, windows and chrome trim.

It can also bring back the shine to the car’s paint job. Some common products used for exterior detailing are special cloths, applicators, polishes, waxes, detail clay and detergents.

3 Components of Auto Detailing

There are three major components to any auto detail. These components are cleaning, polishing and protecting. The cleaning component involves removing foreign surface particles from the car’s exterior.

A clay bar is a common tool used for this process. The interior of the car is also thoroughly cleaned. Polishing is the second component, and it involves removing fine layers of clear coat, swirls and scratches from paint. A hand polishing tool and special pads might be used.

Protection is the third component, and it involves applying protective materials to the car’s paint, which help to stop foreign particles from adhering to the paint. Sealants or wax are commonly used during this part of the process. These are the three major components of auto detailing, and they can make your car look significantly better.