E-Cigarettes: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Harms?


E-cigarettes first hit western markets in 2004 and have soared in popularity throughout the latter part of the decade since their introduction. One common reason for their success is the public perception that they offer a low risk method of delivering nicotine when compared with the traditional tobacco cigarette. But their relatively short time on […]

4 Must-Have Fitness Apps

fitness apps

Advanced technology and innovation have seen the integration of fitness activities with amazing, top-notch applications making exercising more fun and lively. The four incredible apps to have include: 1. Daily workouts. Daily workouts is one of the best fitness apps you can come across. It is your personal trainer whether in your sitting room or […]

How Electrical Muscle Stimulation Benefits Your Body


Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)is a way of stimulating the muscles in the body to contract. It uses electrical impulses to artificially produce the same muscle contraction results that would be directed by the central nervous system. EMS devices are regulated by the Food & Drug Administration to ensure their safety. They have electrode pads that […]