College Students: Gain Extra Cash With These Ideas

Making Extra Cash in College
There are a lot of jobs out there. However, most of them require a college degree. For those in college, making extra money can be difficult with heavy class loads and quite possibly a part or full time job.

The best thing to start is to start talking with your friends. Is another part time hiring that could fill some extra time you have? Do they have odd jobs they’d be willing to pay you to do? They may even offer you ideas that you weren’t even aware existed and might be incredibly interested in.

Another idea is to take online surveys. While this option doesn’t make much money – some will only pay a dollar – as you take more surveys, the money adds up. This could be a simple way to earn some extra spending money. The more surveys you complete, the more money you’ll have to spend on that new pair of shoes or a new cell phone if you need it.

Lots of college students become a research subject. A recent article says that there is no shame in going in for a research project. After all, future generations will benefit from the information learned by poking and prodding done now. The research projects usually pay well – starting at ten dollars an hour more often than not. Some even pay hundreds an hour if there’s a reason that not many would come do it.

If you have talent for looking good, try being a model for art classes. While some television shows portray them as naked women, many colleges actually want their models clothed. Often you’ll be payed to sit, stand or pose for an hour or two. Talk to the art department and find out if they need models.

A car wash is often thought to be good for fundraisers. So why not use that for personal profit and run one once a month? If you run it with friends, split the profits and all of you will go home with a little extra change in your pocket. The best price is lower than a traditional car wash that could be done in seconds, so check around the area to look at car wash prices. This will generate a lot of talk about your car wash and bring in more potential customers.

Taking odd jobs is another way to make extra money on the side. If you can mow the lawn, babysit, or even pet sit, there will be a lot of people who would be willing to take you up on that offer – and pay for your services too. If you live near some who cannot do these things themselves, they might be willing to pay a small fee to have you do it every week.