Creativity Ideas: The Top 10 Embroidery Projects


Embroidery can be a fun way to get creative with limited tools and supplies. It’s a versatile way to create something all your own, and the possibilities seem to be endless. You don’t have to simply embroider in your hoop anymore. Here are 10 creative embroidery projects that you might enjoy.

1. Embellished t-shirt collars

Plain t-shirts can come alive when you take a needle and thread to them. Try adding a border around the collar or arm holes. You might even consider embroidering your initials near the chest.

2. Cute event bags

Are you throwing a bachelorette party? Are you going on a trip with a group of friends? Commemorate the occasion by buying blank, linen tote bags and embroidering everyone’s name on them. It’s also fun to name the event!

3. Handwritten wall hanger

A personal, handwritten note is something special that the receiver can keep in a box and treasure. But you can offer something even more special by embroidering your handwriting and framing it as a gift.

4. His and her hand towels

For an excellent wedding gift, embroider the names of the newlyweds into two hand towels for the bathroom. This is an affordable present with a personal touch.

5. Framed family tree

Take a piece of embroidery fabric and stick it tautly into a frame. Embroider a brown-stemmed tree with branches before adding in a leaf and a name for each member of your family. This makes a great gift as well.

6. Instant personalized baby blanket

If you’re in need of a cute and classy baby gift, you certainly can’t go wrong with a personalized baby blanket. To achieve this, simply add the name of the newborn to the corner of the blanket in a cursive font.

7. Better baby bibs

Bibs can also make much-needed gifts for baby showers, but there’s no need to let them be boring. For an affordable and cute gift, purchase a few plain bibs and add some flare with embroidered patterns or flowers.

8. Christmas stocking gift

Plain Christmas stockings made of fabric or felt are easily found at craft stores or online. Embroider the name of someone special at the top for a great Christmas gift.

9. Cuter tea towels

Tea towels are much-needed flare pieces at lunch or tea parties. Make them extra special by adding a few embroidered flowers or shapes at one end or corner.

10. Jazzed up throw pillows

Throw pillows in plain, solid colors can be boring, but there’s nothing boring about a throw pillow with embroidery on the edges or even smack dab in the middle. Pull in colors from the couches or chairs in the room.