Five Ways A New Door Can Add Value to Your House


A Welcoming Front Door

Today many property owners have discovered a great home-improvement strategy. A lovely front door contributes to the pleasure residents obtain from a dwelling. Just consider these five ways that a new door adds value:

Value Number One: Express Beauty

Many households obtain a brand new door in order to augment the loveliness of an already attractive home. As an initial point of contact, a front door issues a subtle welcoming message. Residents sometimes want to express the occupants’ personalities more directly by changing the front door’s appearance.

Does your front door seem too low key for your personal taste? Consider adding brighter colors, or perhaps some grilles and windows. Or perhaps your family suffers from the opposite problem. You prefer traditional values and motifs. Then a solid brown or stately white or black shade might express your preferences more effectively.

Value Number Two: Financial Gain

Another popular reason to change the door, or add a new one, involves maintaining or enhancing a home’s financial value. Not all doors fall within the same price range.

For example, in a custom-designed residence, an inexpensively constructed cheap hollow-core door would likely not augment a property’s value as much as a obviously well-crafted solid-core door. Today most builders prefer to install durable doors at front entrances. In fact, in many places around the world local building codes require them. Appraisers could take the quality of this important fixture into consideration in calculating the total value of the residence for replacement purposes.

Value Number Three: Improved Security

Safety concerns may prompt a household to install a new door. With many beautiful doors offering both attractive features and greater security, instead of simply installing better locks, replacing an entire door sometimes provides a comprehensive option.

Entrances protected by both a latch cylinder lock and a high quality mortise lock often supply an enhanced sense of household security. Many excellent types of high-quality door locks exist today.

Value Number Four: A Quick Home Face Lift

Some owners seek a new door in order to rapidly and inexpensively transform the appearance of the home. A newly installed door sometimes radically transforms a home’s curbside appeal.

It may prove less expensive to replace a front door than to add siding or additional extensive enhancements, for instance. You’ll refresh the exterior without structural changes.

Value Number Five: More Doorway Options

Finally, a new door provides the value of greater flexibility in some cases. If occupants desire a wider entrance, depending on the home’s architecture, it might become possible to take out adjoining window grilles and install double doors.

Alternatively, a new door could provide additional features. Built-in window or better energy efficiency sometimes enhance real estate.