Great Fashion Ideas for the New Year


The new year is coming in. There will be parties galore as everyone looks back on what they accomplished, and look forward to what the upcoming year will bring. If you’re looking to rock the most unique look at the party, then there is something you must have. You must have inspiration. You must have a way to look for a fun twist to an already used outfit.

For the woman who loves to show off her legs, rock a mini skirt to the party. If it is paired with a black sweater, there is little else the outfit needs. Add a pair of black pumps or black heels, and it will look as if you have stepped off the red carpet. If the mini skirt has a slit, all the better. If that’s too basic for you, feel free to add jewelry to add extra color. Extra points for coordinating colors with the skirt.

For the money-tight woman, a dress in a basic color will do. The dress can be black, white, tan, or even beige. The point is, a neutral color works best for this look. Dress up the dress with brightly colored tights or leggings. Sarah Jessica Parker has pulled this look off with turquoise tights, but it can easily be pulled off with red, green, fuchsia, or even pink tights. Keep the rest of the outfit neutral and the outfit will wow at the party.

If you would rather borrow from another style, try a tuxedo. The tux will offer a change from the usual idea of girls in dresses and heels almost too high to walk in. Add a bold color on the lips and a piece of statement jewelry, and the look is suddenly made as girly as a dress and heels are. If there’s no statement jewelry available, add a bright jacket or a bright pair of heels.

Is there something interesting in your closet you haven’t worn yet because you bought it on sale? This is the time. A jumpsuit, a different and daring dress, or even simply a single color sheath dress that you have yet to wear, do it! If it’s all one color, a belt will help to break up the look. You can then add coordinating jewelry. If the belt is white, go for diamonds or white chains.

If you are too concerned with looking too out there, you should try a simpler look. This simple look calls for skinny pants and bold heels. Skinny pants offer you a way to show off your legs. Add a simple top and a brightly colored purse, and wow the others at the party. The heels should be bold – whether it is black, white, gold, or red. However, they should not overpower the clutch nor should the colors clash with each other.

The fashion for new years has always been up to you. All you have to do is decide whether you are wearing a dress, a tuxedo, or something else.