How to Protect Your Home From Pests This Holiday Season


Cover Food to Prevent Pests

You do not want pests in a home during the holiday season, but invasions of rodents and insects often happen at this time of year because of the colder weather. Mice and cockroaches are possible invaders in the winter because the vermin are looking for a place to live in the winter and require a food source. Throughout the holidays, you are probably baking a lot of desserts such as cookies and cupcakes, and these foods contain sugar and flour that attracts pests. One of the most important things that you can do is store all of the tasty treats in plastic containers with tight-fitting lids or ziplock bags. Do not leave baked goods sitting uncovered on kitchen countertops and dining room tables.

Seal Crevices and Holes to Prevent Infestations

Before snowstorms begin, go outside with tubes of liquid caulking to seal crevices around windows and along a home’s foundation to prevent invasions by pests. If you find a large hole, then use a mixture of cement, insulation or steel wool before adding caulking. It is important to remember that a mouse can squeeze its body through a tiny crevice or hole in order to live in wall spaces. While filling crevices and holes, also pick up trash and decayed leaves where pests can lurk before entering a home. You may need to fill crevices inside a home for additional protection from pest invasions. A place that rats and cockroaches may use to enter a home is the space around water pipes located underneath sinks.

Wash Bedding in Hot Water to Prevent Bedbugs

If you have guests visiting overnight, then you need to make sure that their luggage is free of bedbugs that often hitchhike in suitcases. Instead of placing the luggage directly on beds or carpets, have guests unpack clothing before placing the suitcases inside sealed trash bags. Put the sealed trash bags in a safe location until guests need the items again. After your guests leave, wash all bedding in hot water and dry the items at a high temperature. Inspect mattresses carefully for signs of bedbug infestations that include exoskeletons, tiny eggs or blood spots. When you travel to a different location, you must protect suitcases from bedbug infestations. After coming back home, make sure to wash clothing in hot water to destroy any insects that have crawled into the seams.

Keep Your Home Clean Throughout the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time for families, but you must remain diligent about keeping a house clean by vacuuming carpets frequently. After baking cookies or making candy, make sure to mop floors to remove crumbs that can attract ants, mice or cockroaches. Remove garbage from a home on a daily basis, and place debris in trash cans that have lids to keep out vermin. If your home has a fireplace, then inspect firewood to ensure it is not infested with insects or spiders that can begin to live in a warm home.