Lingerie: How to Pick for Your Body Type

bra and panties

Lingerie can be a fun type of clothing to wear when you want to feel a little sexier both inside and out. But not all lingerie looks good on all people, so you’ll need to see what type of lingerie fits your own body type. The following is a list of features and what type of lingerie looks and fits best on each one.

1. A big bust

Having a big bust is an asset to many women, and most flat chested women wish that they had a little more volume up front. But if you want to accentuate your chest in lingerie in the best way possible, you will want to get some major support. Push those girls up there with wires and a push up and together style.

2. Lots of leg

When you’ve got lots of leg and you want to show it off, choose a slip with a high cut slit or a garter belt. You can also add sheen and shine to those legs with some shimmery lotion.

3. A round middle

A corset style lingerie is perfect for a rounder middle. It’s immediately slimming and you won’t have to spend all night sucking it in. It’s also a good idea to go with black if you want to look slimmer. Those women who are a bit more modest and want to hide a round middle should opt for a corset middle and a boy short combination. You can even add some fishnet tights or regular stockings or knee socks to cover up your legs a little bit.

4. Stick skinny

When you’re very thin, you’re a lucky girl. But if you want to add a little more curve to your style, try going with lingerie that has a lot of frill and lace. When you add on some extra fabric in the right places, you’ll definitely look a lot curvier.

5. A big booty

A nice booty is another asset that a lot of women wish they had. If you want to make the most of it in your lingerie, try the male inspired boy short underwear. Boy shorts with some frill and lace at the bottom help to slim a big booty while also making it look its best.

6. When you want to get more cleavage

Lastly, if you are hoping to get more cleavage because you’re a little flat chested, you’ll want to get a corset to accentuate the waist and then go with a top section that has a padded bra to push the girls together. Remember not to pad your bra with other material because if that lingerie comes off in the midst of the night, you’ll be found out!