Ranch Style Homes: Ways to Boost the Overall Appeal

ranch style home

Ranch-style houses are among the most popular styles of homes today, and they have popular for decades. They are typically one-story homes, but in some areas, they may have a finished out basement that provides the owners with a second floor of usable space. They also are characterized by a floor plan that is wider than it is deep, and this gives these homes a sprawling and impressive look that is unique and easily recognized. Because this style of home was most popular in the 1970s and 1980s, many ranch-style homes are older in age. If you have a ranch-style home, you may be wondering what steps you can take to boost its appeal. There are several cost-effective options available to consider that can have great results on your property.

Focus on the Landscaping

Because ranch-style houses are wide by design, they typically have large front yards as well as long flower beds near the house. This makes the landscaping an important element in curb appeal. You can easily improve the look of the property by focusing on dressing up the landscaping. Re-seed or fertilize the yard, and add decorative pavers to the front walkway or patio area. Ensure that the flower beds have colorful blooms and have been freshly mulched. Keep the bushes and trees neatly pruned.

Add Decorative Exterior Touches

You can also add decorative exterior touches to the property. This may include an upgraded front door with new hardware and matching light fixtures. It may also include shutters on the windows. If space permits and the exterior d├ęcor is suitable, consider adding a permanent feature, such as a fountain, a lamppost or another element that will add more character to the home.

Think About Refinishing the Exterior Facade

If your home is several decades old, you may consider the benefits of upgrading the stone facade. While stone typically will provide you with decades of hassle-free use, the style or look of the stone may make the home look outdated. You can also consider replacing siding with a more stylish option, such as a stucco and stone combination. This can be combined with a new paint color for your trim pieces to give your home’s exterior a completely different look.

Many people love the relaxed, casual appearance of ranch-style homes. Some of these may be smaller in size and may have a bungalow-style look. Others may be large, grand and completely impressive. Regardless of how large or small your ranch-style home is, you may be ready to spruce up the look of your property. Each of these ideas can have a different impact on your space, and you can incorporate one or all of them into your remodeling plans for great results.