Real Estate Strategy: How to Sell Your Home Within a Month

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New House.

All too often you hear about homeowners who end up having their home on the market for years. In most cases, it simply is not necessary to have to wait this much time. Instead of needlessly waiting that long, here is a strategy to help you sell your home within a month.

Know the Value of Your Home

This is a tough one for many people selling a house. Instead of looking at the realistic market value of their house, they use a price that they want for their home – which is often just unrealistic. You must look at how much similar homes actually sold for in your area to know the true market value. One way to do this is to play the part of a buyer and actually go and see a couple of homes near you for sale of similar size and talk to the owner.

Get Your Home Ready to Show

If you want to sell your house faster, you need to make it have a strong appeal to the people who see it. Spend a little money to paint it, repair any problems, and make it look good. An attractive house will easily sell faster than one that is not fixed up. Kiplinger’s even suggests that you might want to make some improvements, too, such as granite countertops and hardwood floors.

Making it look good should probably include home staging. This involves removing some or all of your stuff and decorating with new furniture and other things in order to increase its appeal. Staging companies will do this for you for an average price of $1,800.

Be Willing to Bend a Little

Naturally, people looking to buy anything, including houses, are looking for a deal. Expect them to start low, then make a counter offer – one that you could live with. You can easily lower your price, by as much as $6,000 if you sell your house yourself, and do not need to pay a realtor their fees, says CNBC.

Deal Only with People Who Are Preapproved

If you want a quick sale, do not deal with anyone who is not preapproved. If you do, it will be next to impossible to sell it in a month or less. They should offer proof in the form of a letter from their mortgage lender. This also makes it very unwise to enter into an agreement with someone who will only buy your home on the condition that their own home must sell first.

Another part of a solid strategy to possibly sell your home faster is to consider placing a price on your home that is a little low. This tactic will likely draw several offers, and it is probable that the bidding will actually bring the price higher than what you would really like to get for your home.