The Best Cigars of 2015

cigars 2015
1. Oliva Cigar
The Oliva Cigar has caught the attention of many cigar connoisseurs around the world. Although it won as the “cigar of the year” in 2014, it’s still much appreciated by many reviews to this day.

2. Ernesto Perez Carrillo Cigar

Using hand crafted Mexican tobacco, this cigar is said to be “one of the most respected brands” in today’s cigar market. During their 40 years of business, they have crafted many different varieties and flavors of this delicious cigar.

3. Davidoff Cigar

Being the favorite of many cigar lovers in this day and age, the Davidoff cigar is described as being “flavorful, opulent and unique.” Both the binder and filler of these cigars are made from Dominican Republic tobacco, putting it on the mild scale.

4. Rocky Patel Cigar

The Rocky Patel cigar, without a doubt, gives one of the most pronounced, exotic flavors. The brand’s popularity should say it all, especially for the very short amount of time they have been around.

5. CAO Cigar

The first thing that one notices upon looking at the CAO cigar is its oval-like shape, a design rarely used by other cigar companies. The CAO cigar is not only hand crafted, but mild and extremely well balanced. Anyone who smokes this cigar will surely enjoy each puff.

6. Bolivar Cigar

The Bolivar cigar is definitely for those who want a strong, robust flavor. In fact, many do not recommend this cigar for novice smokers. The flavor itself is described as being earthy with peppery notes that will linger in the mouth.

7. Gurkha Cigar

The Gurkha cigar is one of sophistication and only “offers the best.” This is a full strength cigar that uses a Nicaragua filler and a Dominican Republic binder, along with a Brazilian wrapper. All three variations in tobacco make this cigar quite unique.

8. Padron Serie 1962 80 Years

There’s a good reason why this cigar has been adored by many around the world for so long. The cigar was originally created for the founder Jose Orlando’s 80th birthday. The flavor of these cigars is absolutely out of this world.

9. Stradavarius

Coming in a pack of 10 sticks, the Stradavarius brand is well known and uses premium tobacco from Dominican Republic and Mexico in its cigars, giving them a unique flavor. Even the wooden container itself is of high quality that the cigars deserve.

10. Louixs

These cigars are claimed to be “the finest cigars in the world” that have taste and aroma like no other. Due to their high quality, they are sold individually.