Tips to Make a Small Room Appear Larger than It Is


Living in a small space does not mean that you have to feel cramped. The eye is easily fooled, and you have dozens of possibilities when it comes to making your small room look larger. Here are five easy and quick ways to enlarge your room without tearing down walls.

Color Choice

Violet may be your favorite color, but it has no place in a small room. Instead of painting with dark, rich colors, keep your pallet light and airy. Consider shades of white, gray or yellow. If purple really is your favorite color, opt for a light lavender to coat your walls. You can use darker colors for the room’s accessories. If you can, keep your floors light as well. Neutral tones can help enlarge a space. Dark floors will make your space shrink.

Furniture Placement

When you have a small space, your first inclination is to push all of your furniture against the walls. This can be a mistake if you want your room to appear larger. Try moving the furniture a few inches from the wall to create the illusion of an open space. Also be sure to look for furniture with exposed legs. These pieces look lighter than boxier pieces that reach all the way to the floor.

Area Rugs

Anchor your furniture with different area rugs. Several small rugs spread strategically throughout your room give the illusion of having more space. Your rugs do not have to match, but they should be in the same color family. Rugs that clash with one another will confuse the eye and not serve your purpose.


Mirrors are your friends when you live in small space. When placed correctly, mirrors make your room big and inviting. Place your largest mirror on the wall directly opposite a window. The mirror will reflect the light that shines through, illuminating the room and making it look larger.

Statement Pieces

When you are shopping for furniture, consider fewer, larger pieces. Do not fill your room with multiple small pieces of furniture. Your room will look cluttered. The same can be said of accessories. A few large, chunky accessories are better than several small ones. Follow the cantaloupe rule for small rooms. If an accessory is smaller than a cantaloupe, it is too slight for your space.

You do not have to break the bank to make your small space appear larger. With a few choice colors and these decorating tips, you can make even a studio apartment look grand. The right selection of color, furnishings and accessories can make you feel like you are surrounded by space almost instantaneously.