Why A Professional Should Trim Your Trees

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Trees add beauty to your yard and increase your property value. Many people don’t give much thought to the kind of maintenance and care it takes in order to have healthy trees. Damage can come from external sources like termites or from organic issues such as soil quality. In addition, simply maintaining the limbs and branches of your trees can be a time-consuming and problematic endeavor. Trimming trees due to growth or damage is not as easy as it may seem. Taking on the job yourself may actually cause more cost, damage and frustration than investing in an expert to do the job. Consider these reasons why a professional should trim your trees.

Safety and Liability

Branches that are dead or dying should be trimmed because they are likely to fall due to high winds during a storm. Also, large branches that hang above your home’s roof or other structure could cause expensive damage if they should fall. Trimming them makes sense. However, taking on the the job yourself could also be a safety hazard. Depending on the size and location of your tree, you would likely need to use a tall ladder and power equipment in order to do the job. If you’re not accustomed to using such a equipment, you could easily fall or injure someone nearby. Also, there is liability to consider if your tree is near your neighbor’s property. Your insurance may not cover damage to your neighbor’s property due to your mistake.

Pest Control

You may not have considered that allowing your tree’s branches to grow unchecked could lead to pest problems for the health of your family and your trees. Insects and pests tend to live in overgrown, unhealthy trees. These vermin could cause a problem if they bite your family members or pets. Out-of-control growing tree branches also allow diseases and insects that attack trees to spread to your other trees and plant life.

Improved Growth

Tree trimming professionals know the proper technique for pruning in order to promote strong roots. If your tree’s roots are stronger, it will be able to withstand storm damage and be healthier overall, likely improving its chances of resisting pest damage. Its branches will also grow taller and healthier when trimmed correctly.

While it is possible to trim your own trees, doing so could prove to be more trouble than it’s worth. It’s definitely worth the investment to call the professionals to trim your trees.